Motion Graphics & Video

Are you looking to help your brand stand out in a crowded market place?

Static design (across posters, e-flyers, social media etc) is a tried and tested way to promote your brand, but there are loads of exciting new opportunities opening up to leverage the power of motion graphics and video in your marketing efforts.

Social media platforms are all gearing up to push video content, with Facebook recently introducing the option to have video banners on Facebook Pages and Facebook Events, not to mention Instagram's increasing focus on video. Eye-catching motion graphics and even subtle animations are a great way to stand out on a crowded social media timeline.

Beyond social media, the increasing accessibility of Digital Out Of Home advertising opportunities on screens around city centres, businesses and busy public spaces is fantastic for forward thinking brands looking to stand out. Why put a poster on a bus stop when you could have a 20 second animated video clip that gets served to your target audience? 

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